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Heyyyy, party people! I have been straight up PEER PRESSURED to make a tumblr, so on the off chance a single person still reads this poor abandoned lj, you can find me over there occasionally describing my super important emotions about television and its fake people.

hi I'm a lady cyborg fix me

p&r fic: Human Disaster Relief

Title: Human Disaster Relief
rating: pg
pairing: Leslie/Ben
notes: I have to believe in this future in order to endure the present. This is totally unbetaed and unproofread and so all mistakes are my fault. Also, I know very little about any of the things I am talking about here. I did, however, google the Master Bedroom, and it is FANNNNN-CY.

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hi I'm a lady cyborg fix me

two years later...

jk, it's only been about 1.5 years since I last posted here! TOTALLY REASONABLE.

Just wanted to drop a note mentioning that I've been working on moving some of my more-read fic over to AO3, where I'm known as-- GET THIS-- crimsonclad. If that's the sort of thing that might interest you, then there you go.
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fic: commuter lounge

Dear internet, here is what happened: I wrote a story, and people replied to it, and we all talked about how awesome space is! Then I posted a sequel, and people replied, but I was on a trip, and then I got back and hadn't replied and started freaking out and kept procrastinating and then I was all "ohfuck I can never answer all these people I suck" and then I ran away and avoided livejournal for several months. Ha ha! I deal with pressure with grace and verve.

So, you'll have to forgive me. Anyway, my parents sat me down to watch Community, and it brought me great joy. And of all the pairings I thought I might write, this is not the one I suspected-- but the gobsmacked look on Jeff's face in that debate prep library scene was like "HEY, HEY, crimsonclad'S ID! HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS????"

And my id said "VERY MUCH INDEED." So.

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dream journal: part 1,395

Last night I had a dream that Buffy Anne Summers was Michael Vick's new parole officer, and they were the stars of a new show detailing their wacky shenanigans together. She kept him in line! He learned that being a douchebag sucks! They went out for ice cream!

I like to think that lots of ex-cons could be rehabilitated by having their asses kicked by Ms. Summers: P.O. Extraordinaire.
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also, there was vanilla milk

Last night I dreamt that Rossi was training me to become a BAU agent! I looked at sparkly stones taped to a sheet, and speculated as to why an unsub would leave a half-eaten sandwich in a restaurant.

Then I became angry, and stormed out into the rain. Later, I ended up barefoot in the slimy bathroom of a bait shop.

sga- cookie time

ten hut? or wheels up?

I have been talking to quettaser and kissingchaos9 about Criminal Minds recently, because we used to talk about CSI and SGA a lot and obviously needed a new acronym in common. And tonight I figured out WHY exactly CM is so exceedingly excellent to me, and told quettaser so, which is to say-- if you have a team of super duper crimefighting softies who:

-hate sexism
-hate homophobia and really like it when gay people come out and are at peace with themselves
-never see their real families but are devoted to their co-workers like they are a family
-protect their own from repercussions relating to psychotic breaks and erratic, unprofessional behavior
-fight monsters
-shoot guns
-travel long distances with great ease

the question is-- is this team the BAU? Or is this team some FUCKING MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MARINES??

I would offer unto you the possibility that this list applies to BOTH TEAMS, and is therefore a distinct possibility as to why the show is AWESOME. They should high five more, obviously, but still.

(Case in point-- in my icon, make the new recruit Morgan, the drill sergeant JJ, and the person needing a cookie Reid. Still works, right?)
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victorian literature is edifying and elegant.

So, I'm reading Trollope's Can You Forgive Her, and WOW. Hello crazy Victorian incest vibes, wtf! In case you were wondering why people read these huge tomes, allow me to share. Alice is talking to her cousin Kate, about Kate's brother George. Alice and George used to be engaged, but he behaved badly and now they're not. Why is Kate so sad?

Well, this passage begins with Alice asking a question in order to find out! Hooray for knowledge!

"I wonder whether you'd like a wild man for yourself?"

"Ah! that's a question I've never asked myself. I've been often curious to consider what sort of husband would suit you, but I've had very few thoughts about a husband for myself. The truth is, I'm married to George

"Ever since what?"

"Since you and he were parted, I've had nothing to do in life but to stick to him. And I shall do so to the end -- unless one thing should happen."

"And what's that?"

"Unless you should become his wife after all. He will never marry anybody else."

"Kate, you shouldn't allude to such a thing now, You know that it's impossible."

"Well; perhaps so. As far as I'm concerned, it is all the better for me. If George ever married, I should have nothing to do in the world -- literally nothing -- nothing -- nothing -- nothing!"

"Kate, don't talk in that way," and Alice came up to her and embraced her.

"Go away," said she. "Go, Alice; you and I must part. I cannot bear it any longer. You must know it all. When you are married to John Grey, our friendship must be over. If you became George's wife I should become nobody. I've nothing else in the world. You and he would be so all-sufficient for each other, that I should drop away from you like an old garment. But I'd give up all, everything, every hope I have, to see you become George's wife. I know myself not to be good. I know myself to be very bad, and yet I care nothing for myself. Don't, Alice, don't; I don't want your caresses. Caress him, and I'll kneel at your feet, and cover them with kisses." She had now thrown herself upon a sofa, and had turned her face away to the wall.

"Kate, you shouldn't speak in that way."

"Of course I shouldn't -- but I do."